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diễn tả
'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:yociexp67: Yociexp67 Yociexp67
:JFBQ00222070605A: JFBQ00222070605A JFBQ00222070605A
:y_khi_27: Y Khi 27 Y Khi 27
:yociexp55: Yociexp55 Yociexp55
:Jmonkey52: Jmonkey52 Jmonkey52
:2T-heocon- (3): 2T Heocon  (3) 2T Heocon (3)
:yociexp24: Yociexp24 Yociexp24
:yociexp37: Yociexp37 Yociexp37
:2T-heocon- (24): 2T Heocon  (24) 2T Heocon (24)
:JFBQ00135070103B: JFBQ00135070103B JFBQ00135070103B
:JFBQ00157070202B: JFBQ00157070202B JFBQ00157070202B
:yociexp13: Yociexp13 Yociexp13
:yociexp46: Yociexp46 Yociexp46
:JFBQ00189070410A: JFBQ00189070410A JFBQ00189070410A
:y_khi_62: Y Khi 62 Y Khi 62
:JFBQ00165070226A: JFBQ00165070226A JFBQ00165070226A
:2T-ech- (3): 2T Ech  (3) 2T Ech (3)
:yociexp76: Yociexp76 Yociexp76
:yociexp114: Yociexp114 Yociexp114
:JFBQ00178070322A: JFBQ00178070322A JFBQ00178070322A
:2T-ech- (12): 2T Ech  (12) 2T Ech (12)
:yociexp89: Yociexp89 Yociexp89
:yociexp101: Yociexp101 Yociexp101
:JFBQ00186070405A: JFBQ00186070405A JFBQ00186070405A
:yociexpress05: Yociexpress05 Yociexpress05
8-| Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
:yociexp66: Yociexp66 Yociexp66
:JFBQ00221070601A: JFBQ00221070601A JFBQ00221070601A
:y_khi_26: Y Khi 26 Y Khi 26
:yociexp54: Yociexp54 Yociexp54
:JFBQ00240070914A: JFBQ00240070914A JFBQ00240070914A
:2T-heocon- (2): 2T Heocon  (2) 2T Heocon (2)
>:P Icon Mad Icon Mad
:yociexp23: Yociexp23 Yociexp23
:yociexp36: Yociexp36 Yociexp36
:2T-heocon- (23): 2T Heocon  (23) 2T Heocon (23)
:JFBQ00134070103A: JFBQ00134070103A JFBQ00134070103A
:JFBQ00156070205A: JFBQ00156070205A JFBQ00156070205A
:yociexp12: Yociexp12 Yociexp12
:yociexp45: Yociexp45 Yociexp45
:JFBQ00188070409A: JFBQ00188070409A JFBQ00188070409A
:y_khi_56: Y Khi 56 Y Khi 56
:JFBQ00164070214A: JFBQ00164070214A JFBQ00164070214A
:2T-ech- (2): 2T Ech  (2) 2T Ech (2)
:yociexp75: Yociexp75 Yociexp75
:yociexp111: Yociexp111 Yociexp111
:JFBQ00174070313A: JFBQ00174070313A JFBQ00174070313A
:2T-ech- (11): 2T Ech  (11) 2T Ech (11)
:yociexp88: Yociexp88 Yociexp88
:yociexp100: Yociexp100 Yociexp100
:JFBQ00185070404A: JFBQ00185070404A JFBQ00185070404A
:yociexpress04: Yociexpress04 Yociexpress04
B-) Cool Cool
:yociexp65: Yociexp65 Yociexp65
:JFBQ00220070528A: JFBQ00220070528A JFBQ00220070528A
:y_khi_24: Y Khi 24 Y Khi 24
:yociexp53: Yociexp53 Yociexp53
:JFBQ00233070817A: JFBQ00233070817A JFBQ00233070817A
:2T-heocon- (1): 2T Heocon  (1) 2T Heocon (1)
:)) Laugh Laugh
:yociexp22: Yociexp22 Yociexp22
:yociexp35: Yociexp35 Yociexp35
:2T-heocon- (11): 2T Heocon  (11) 2T Heocon (11)
:JFBQ00129061227D: JFBQ00129061227D JFBQ00129061227D
:JFBQ00156070202A: JFBQ00156070202A JFBQ00156070202A
:yociexp11: Yociexp11 Yociexp11
:yociexp44: Yociexp44 Yociexp44
:JFBQ00187070406A: JFBQ00187070406A JFBQ00187070406A
:JFBQ00197070418B: JFBQ00197070418B JFBQ00197070418B
:JFBQ00163070213B: JFBQ00163070213B JFBQ00163070213B
:2T-ech- (1): 2T Ech  (1) 2T Ech (1)
:yociexp74: Yociexp74 Yociexp74
:yociexp110: Yociexp110 Yociexp110
:JFBQ00173070312A: JFBQ00173070312A JFBQ00173070312A
:2T-ech- (10): 2T Ech  (10) 2T Ech (10)
:yociexp87: Yociexp87 Yociexp87
:yociexp99: Yociexp99 Yociexp99
:JFBQ00184070402A: JFBQ00184070402A JFBQ00184070402A
:yociexpress01: Yociexpress01 Yociexpress01
:p Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue
:yociexp64: Yociexp64 Yociexp64
:JFBQ00219070525B: JFBQ00219070525B JFBQ00219070525B
:y_khi_22: Y Khi 22 Y Khi 22
:yociexp52: Yociexp52 Yociexp52
:JFBQ00229070625A: JFBQ00229070625A JFBQ00229070625A
:y_khi_53: Y Khi 53 Y Khi 53
:-S Worried Worried
:yociexp21: Yociexp21 Yociexp21
:yociexp34: Yociexp34 Yociexp34
:2T-heocon- (10): 2T Heocon  (10) 2T Heocon (10)
:JFBQ00125061225b: JFBQ00125061225b JFBQ00125061225b
:JFBQ00155070130A: JFBQ00155070130A JFBQ00155070130A
:yociexp10: Yociexp10 Yociexp10
:yociexp43: Yociexp43 Yociexp43
:2T-heocon-: 2T Heocon 2T Heocon
:JFBQ00196070418A: JFBQ00196070418A JFBQ00196070418A
:JFBQ001620702013A: JFBQ001620702013A JFBQ001620702013A
:yociexp19: Yociexp19 Yociexp19
:yociexp73: Yociexp73 Yociexp73
:yociexp109: Yociexp109 Yociexp109
:JFBQ00172070308A: JFBQ00172070308A JFBQ00172070308A
:2T-ech- (9): 2T Ech  (9) 2T Ech (9)
:yociexp86: Yociexp86 Yociexp86
:yociexp98: Yociexp98 Yociexp98
:JFBQ00183070330A: JFBQ00183070330A JFBQ00183070330A
:yociexp117: Yociexp117 Yociexp117
;) Wink Wink
:yociexp63: Yociexp63 Yociexp63
:JFBQ00218070525A: JFBQ00218070525A JFBQ00218070525A
:y_khi_19: Y Khi 19 Y Khi 19
:yociexp51: Yociexp51 Yociexp51
:JFBQ00227070619B: JFBQ00227070619B JFBQ00227070619B
:y_khi_46: Y Khi 46 Y Khi 46
:yociexp20: Yociexp20 Yociexp20
:yociexp33: Yociexp33 Yociexp33
:2T-heocon- (9): 2T Heocon  (9) 2T Heocon (9)
=D> Yeah Yeah
:JFBQ00154070129B: JFBQ00154070129B JFBQ00154070129B
:yociexp29: Yociexp29 Yociexp29
:yociexp42: Yociexp42 Yociexp42
:2T-heocon- (29): 2T Heocon  (29) 2T Heocon (29)
:JFBQ00195070417A: JFBQ00195070417A JFBQ00195070417A
:JFBQ001610702012A: JFBQ001610702012A JFBQ001610702012A
:yociexp18: Yociexp18 Yociexp18
:yociexp72: Yociexp72 Yociexp72
:yociexp108: Yociexp108 Yociexp108
:JFBQ00171070307A: JFBQ00171070307A JFBQ00171070307A
:2T-ech- (8): 2T Ech  (8) 2T Ech (8)
:yociexp85: Yociexp85 Yociexp85
:yociexp97: Yociexp97 Yociexp97
:JFBQ00182070329A: JFBQ00182070329A JFBQ00182070329A
:yociexp94: Yociexp94 Yociexp94
:D Big Grin Big Grin
:yociexp62: Yociexp62 Yociexp62
:JFBQ00217070524A: JFBQ00217070524A JFBQ00217070524A
:y_khi_02: Y Khi 02 Y Khi 02
:yociexp50: Yociexp50 Yociexp50
:JFBQ00226070619A: JFBQ00226070619A JFBQ00226070619A
:y_khi_45: Y Khi 45 Y Khi 45
:yociexp59: Yociexp59 Yociexp59
:yociexp32: Yociexp32 Yociexp32
:2T-heocon- (7): 2T Heocon  (7) 2T Heocon (7)
:JFBQ00153070129A: JFBQ00153070129A JFBQ00153070129A
:yociexp28: Yociexp28 Yociexp28
:yociexp41: Yociexp41 Yociexp41
:2T-heocon- (28): 2T Heocon  (28) 2T Heocon (28)
:JFBQ00194070416A: JFBQ00194070416A JFBQ00194070416A
:JFBQ00160070208A: JFBQ00160070208A JFBQ00160070208A
:yociexp17: Yociexp17 Yociexp17
:yociexp71: Yociexp71 Yociexp71
:yociexp107: Yociexp107 Yociexp107
:JFBQ00170070306B: JFBQ00170070306B JFBQ00170070306B
:2T-ech- (7): 2T Ech  (7) 2T Ech (7)
:yociexp83: Yociexp83 Yociexp83
:yociexp96: Yociexp96 Yociexp96
:JFBQ00181070411A: JFBQ00181070411A JFBQ00181070411A
:yociexp93: Yociexp93 Yociexp93
/:) Embarrassment Embarrassment
:yociexp60: Yociexp60 Yociexp60
:JFBQ00215070523A: JFBQ00215070523A JFBQ00215070523A
:yociexpress09: Yociexpress09 Yociexpress09
:( Frown Frown
:yociexp70: Yociexp70 Yociexp70
:JFBQ00225070615A: JFBQ00225070615A JFBQ00225070615A
:y_khi_44: Y Khi 44 Y Khi 44
:yociexp58: Yociexp58 Yociexp58
:yociexp31: Yociexp31 Yociexp31
:2T-heocon- (6): 2T Heocon  (6) 2T Heocon (6)
:JFBQ00153070115B: JFBQ00153070115B JFBQ00153070115B
:yociexp27: Yociexp27 Yociexp27
:yociexp40: Yociexp40 Yociexp40
:2T-heocon- (27): 2T Heocon  (27) 2T Heocon (27)
:JFBQ00193070413A: JFBQ00193070413A JFBQ00193070413A
:JFBQ00159070207B: JFBQ00159070207B JFBQ00159070207B
:yociexp16: Yociexp16 Yociexp16
:yociexp49: Yociexp49 Yociexp49
:yociexp106: Yociexp106 Yociexp106
:JFBQ00169070306A: JFBQ00169070306A JFBQ00169070306A
:2T-ech- (6): 2T Ech  (6) 2T Ech (6)
:yociexp81: Yociexp81 Yociexp81
:yociexp95: Yociexp95 Yociexp95
:JFBQ00181070328A: JFBQ00181070328A JFBQ00181070328A
:yociexp92: Yociexp92 Yociexp92
:) Smile Smile
:yociexp104: Yociexp104 Yociexp104
:JFBQ00214070517A: JFBQ00214070517A JFBQ00214070517A
:yociexpress08: Yociexpress08 Yociexpress08
:confused: Confused Confused
:yociexp69: Yociexp69 Yociexp69
:JFBQ00224070614A: JFBQ00224070614A JFBQ00224070614A
:y_khi_37: Y Khi 37 Y Khi 37
:yociexp57: Yociexp57 Yociexp57
:yociexp30: Yociexp30 Yociexp30
:2T-heocon- (5): 2T Heocon  (5) 2T Heocon (5)
:yociexp26: Yociexp26 Yociexp26
:yociexp39: Yociexp39 Yociexp39
:2T-heocon- (26): 2T Heocon  (26) 2T Heocon (26)
:JFBQ00152070126A: JFBQ00152070126A JFBQ00152070126A
:JFBQ00192070412B: JFBQ00192070412B JFBQ00192070412B
:JFBQ00158070207A: JFBQ00158070207A JFBQ00158070207A
:yociexp15: Yociexp15 Yociexp15
:yociexp48: Yociexp48 Yociexp48
:yociexp105: Yociexp105 Yociexp105
:JFBQ00168070301A: JFBQ00168070301A JFBQ00168070301A
:2T-ech- (5): 2T Ech  (5) 2T Ech (5)
:yociexp78: Yociexp78 Yociexp78
:yociexp116: Yociexp116 Yociexp116
:JFBQ00180070327A: JFBQ00180070327A JFBQ00180070327A
:2T-ech-: 2T Ech 2T Ech
:yociexp91: Yociexp91 Yociexp91
:yociexp103: Yociexp103 Yociexp103
:JFBQ00213070516A: JFBQ00213070516A JFBQ00213070516A
:yociexpress07: Yociexpress07 Yociexpress07
:eek: EEK! EEK!
:yociexp68: Yociexp68 Yociexp68
:JFBQ002230706013A: JFBQ002230706013A JFBQ002230706013A
:y_khi_32: Y Khi 32 Y Khi 32
:yociexp56: Yociexp56 Yociexp56
:songhua2: Songhua2 Songhua2
:2T-heocon- (4): 2T Heocon  (4) 2T Heocon (4)
:yociexp25: Yociexp25 Yociexp25
:yociexp38: Yociexp38 Yociexp38
:2T-heocon- (25): 2T Heocon  (25) 2T Heocon (25)
:JFBQ00137070104B: JFBQ00137070104B JFBQ00137070104B
:JFBQ00191070412A: JFBQ00191070412A JFBQ00191070412A
:JFBQ00157070206A: JFBQ00157070206A JFBQ00157070206A
:yociexp14: Yociexp14 Yociexp14
:yociexp47: Yociexp47 Yociexp47
:y_khi_74: Y Khi 74 Y Khi 74
:JFBQ001660702027A: JFBQ001660702027A JFBQ001660702027A
:2T-ech- (4): 2T Ech  (4) 2T Ech (4)
:yociexp77: Yociexp77 Yociexp77
:yociexp115: Yociexp115 Yociexp115
:JFBQ00179070323A: JFBQ00179070323A JFBQ00179070323A
:2T-ech- (13): 2T Ech  (13) 2T Ech (13)
:yociexp90: Yociexp90 Yociexp90
:yociexp102: Yociexp102 Yociexp102
:JFBQ00212070515B: JFBQ00212070515B JFBQ00212070515B
:yociexpress06: Yociexpress06 Yociexpress06
X( Mad Mad
:cheers: Cheers Cheers
:help: Help Help
:guoc: Guoc Guoc
:gift: Gift Gift
:frusty: Frusty Frusty
:rose: Flower4ps Flower4ps
:danh: Danh Danh
:luvu: Iluvu Iluvu
:cool: Cool1 Cool1
:kiss: kiss kiss
:botay: Botay Botay
:BA-8: BA 8 BA 8
:welcome: Welcome Welcome
:ghet: Ghet Ghet
:sorry: Sorry Sorry
:thank: Thank Thank

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